Filter Does Not Apply When Using SSMS Plugin

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My filter does not apply to the package generated from the SSMS plugin. My source control and sql compare use the file.

How do I get the plugin to use it?


  • SSMS plugin does not put filter files in the database packages at the moment. Filter rules can still be applied during database deployment to skip/include database objects for comparison. There are two ways to do this:
    - If you are using sqlCI to generate database packages, you can put a filter file by the name 'Filter.scpf' in the top level Scripts/ folder before using sqlCI to generate the package. These filter rules will then be applied when you deploy this package with Deployment Manager.
    - If you don't use sqlCI.exe, There is another way of doing this. You can extract the database using Nuget Package explorer and manually edit it. You need to drop 'Filter.scpf' in all folders which contain state in their name, for e.g. dbState, dbVersionUpgradeState etc. Once you're done editing it, save it and deploy!
    Chirayu Shishodiya
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  • Ok. That would be great if the plugin did use the filter in the future.

    sqlCi is an additional license correct? I already have the developer bundle on my PC. I would only be running it from my pc.

    My issue is that the users are getting packaged up and I do not want that.
  • sqlCi is an additional license correct?
    Yes, sqlCI is an additional license. The tools in SQL Developer Bundle are licensed per-user, to be installed on an individual's PC or laptop for their own use. The automation of the tools as part of a server installation is not covered by SQL Developer Bundle's per-user licensing.

    sqlCI comes with SQL Automation Pack. It basically allows you to use Red Gate tools from the command line. It is licensed per build agent.
    Chirayu Shishodiya
    Software Engineer - Deployment Manager
    Red Gate
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