Not able to commit the filles


I was able to link my database and commit all the code for the first time. but after I make some changes to few stored procedures. it gives me a sql a parsing error on some other stored procedure, which I haven't even changed.

Errors occurred whilst parsing file C:\Users\mbhot\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Source Control 3\WorkingBases\mu4gotwm.0ih\Stored Procedures\qa.GetJobDetails.sql

To resolve this issue:
1. Open the affected file.
2. Edit it to ensure the SQL is valid.
3. Commit the changes without using SQL Source Control. For example by using Tortoise SVN, or Microsoft Team Explorer.
4. In SQL Source Control, click Refresh.

Could you please help us on this. We are facing this issue on few databases and hence not able to use this red gate sql source control tool. We really need to start maintaining the versioning of the databases from now.

Mayur Bhot


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