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SQL prompt5 intellisense in sql2012 wrong line

wjzwswjzws Posts: 8
edited July 2, 2013 9:33AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
SQL prompt5 is a great product!
But I found some problems in use process!
My monitor is 23 inches, the operating system is Windows 7, in order to easy to read, I became a large font mode, so that the words on the display looks bigger.
But in sqlserver2012, SQL prompt5 intellisense is not normal. In sqlserver2008 is normal.
Symptom is: wrong line, such as SQL code appear in row 7, smart tips it appeared on the 14 lines, and made many mistakes.
Code in 20 rows, smart tips appear on line 40. It looks really bad.
Please you help check it!
Once again, thank you!


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