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Unable to change Maps location in SA program

DanielRoseDanielRose Posts: 24
edited June 19, 2013 7:52AM in SmartAssembly
Last Friday the hard discs on one of our main file servers crashed hard. It is currently in repair. That server also contained the SA map files. The data was restored from backups to a different server.

When trying to change the location of the map files in the SA program, I ran into the following bug: It shows the location (in the options) only as a link. When clicking that link, it tries to connect to the old location (on the old server). However, that server is currently not there, so the connection fails => I am unable to change the location!

I finally managed to change it by updating the value in the database directly.

My suggestion would be to either handle this case in the SA program, or (better) change the program so I have a text box where I can type in the location directly, and a button to open a directory selection box.


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