Wall-Clock Time With Children is negative

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Currently, I'm using Ants Performance Profiler 7.3. When profiling my program and export that result to htm file, I found some methods that have Wall-Clock Time With Children(ms) is negative. Those make time of some methods > Wall-Clock Time With Children(ms) of them.
Why is Wall-Clock Time With Children(ms) negative while Wall-clock Time With Children(%) is not negative?


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    Thank you for your post!

    The profiler may sometimes show negative timings for very simple methods. This is caused because an estimate of the profiler's overhead is subtracted from results by default, and, for a very simple method, too much may be subtracted.

    There are two options to get around this:
    -You can use a less detailed mode of profiling (such as method-level or sampling)
    -You can disable the subtraction--on the Tools menu, click Options... and then de-select Adjust timings to compensate for overhead added by the profiler.

    (you can find more on unexpected profiling results here )

    I hope this helps!

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  • Thanks for your information!
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