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Wrong Restore Status in Email OnError

essamughalessamughal Posts: 35
edited January 20, 2006 9:50AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi All;

I have been evaluating SQL Backup and I ran so many test. One test which I preformed is that.

1- Create Transactional Log 1 and Transactional Log 2
2- Skip Log 1 (did not restore that log)
3- Restore log 2

It moved the file Log 2 to processed folder and report SUCCESS but it did not apply the log b/c I checked the data

Then I checked the log of the Red-Gate SQL Backup and I found that there was Error b/c the Sequenece of the Log was not accurate so the Restore process was terminated abnormally but it did Report SUCCESS in email and did not show any error.

Have any experienced that problem with Red-Gate.



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