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I compare two script folders using command line.
sqlcompare /Project:C:\Work\Core_rollout.scp /Scriptfile:C:\Work\Rollout.sql /Force /ScriptEncoding:ASCII /Options:"DecryptPost2KEncryptedObjects,IgnoreDatabaseAndServerName,IgnoreFileGroups,IgnoreFillFactor,IgnoreIndexLockProperties,IgnoreNotForReplication,IgnorePermissions,IgnoreReplicationTriggers,IgnoreStatistics,IgnoreUserProperties,IgnoreUsers,IgnoreWhiteSpace,IgnoreWithElementOrder,IgnoreWithNocheck,IgnoreConstraintNames,DisableSOCForLiveDBs,IgnoreStatisticsNorecompute,NoTransactions,CaseSensitiveObjectDefinition"
After each comparison I get scripts file.
Issue: The data in script files sorted in different order.
For example: I do two comparison and getting two script files. The data in this files are the same, but sorted in different order.
As the result, I compare script files and I get many differences, but the data in files the same.
Hence, it is difficult to catch differences between two script files if something in script folders was changed.

SQL Compare Command Line V10.2.6.114


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    Thank you for your forum post and sorry that you have encountered a problem.

    Can you please provide information on how the script folders were created? Did you use SQL Compare to create the script folders? Or are they created using a different process?

    A support call has been created for you, the call reference is F0073944. If the script folders are created using a different process, would it be possible for us to obtain a copy of script folder? If the answer is yes, please sent an e-mail to [email protected] with the above call reference number in the subject field of the e-mail and attach copies of each folder?

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: [email protected]
  • Hi

    The script folders were created using SQL Compare command line.
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