SSL Connections to MySQL Server

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edited June 11, 2013 11:50AM in MySQL Compare
I couldn't find this functionality after perusing the project setup options but maybe missed it: does RedGate MySQL Compare allow for SSL connections to the MySQL server somehow? (I do see the SSH options.) We've recently changed our MySQL accounts to all require SSL.

If not, any plans to add it in the future?




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    Hi James,

    Unfortunately not. Thanks for the request though, it reminded me I've been wanting to set up a public feature request forum for our MySQL tools, which I've now done:

    I've taken the liberty to add your request, no doubt others will add votes and comments for it over time. This will help us prioritise future work on the tools and find people to discuss solutions with.

    We have no confirmed plans for additional features at this point, but I'll update the feature request and notify you if that changes.

    Out of interest do you own the tool or are you evaluating options?

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    Thanks Michael, sounds good.

    Our company has three licences I believe, and we get great use out of the tool on a regular basis so would be interested in this feature.

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    Thanks James, that's great to hear. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other requests, issues or feedback.

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