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SQL Prompt lag for suggestions with SSMS2012

kondrichkondrich Posts: 80 Bronze 2
edited June 11, 2013 5:08AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

we are using SQL Prompt with SSMS 2012 to SQL Servers 2012 SP1 and we are experiencing lags with suggestion lists.
This lags occur since migrating to SSMS 2012 on the clients and SQL Server 2012 on the server boxes. I have used SSMS 2012 with our old SQL Server 2005/2008 R2 environment as well, but I did not notice any lags then.

To reproduce:
Open a new query window
Type a query e.g. "select * from " and wait for the auto-list to show (that is still very fast).
Now, if you continue typing for list matches or press the cursor for going down the list, there is a lag of several seconds before the list member is chosen.

I already tried to lower those two parameters to 500 and 300, resp.
This did not make any difference. My guess is, because the lags also occur if the query windows just contains such a short query like "select * from ".

This is also remarkable since the new servers are much more powerful. The network environment did not change the way that the servers are "farther away" from the clients. In fact, they are connected via 10Gigabit to one another and are connected via Gigabit to our client network that is a switched Fast Ethernet network.
I doubt that the network connection was the problem, since the suggestion list members should already be cached on the clients, right?

Do you have any idea what causes this suggestion list selection lags? All of my colleagues including myself are complaining about this.
We would greatly appreciate any help on this!
Regards, Klaus


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