SQL Data Compare 10.4 has been released

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Announcing SQL Data Compare 10.4, available via Check for Updates or download from the links below:

http://downloads.red-gate.com/checkforu ... 4.8.62.exe

Peformance and memory usage improvements

This release of SQL Data Compare contains significant performance improvements - up to 50% faster on script folder registration, 60% faster on the registration and a 50% reduction on the memory usage for some LOBs.

Other fixes and improvements:

Changed default script encoding to UTF-8 with preamble - SQLCMD didn't recognise some UTF-8 scripts otherwise
Various small UI fixes (un-greying some text, fixing some cut-off / overprinted text, improved some option descriptions)
Improved UI stability (fixed several race conditions that occasionally produced null reference exceptions or invalid operation exceptions in the UI)
SQL Data Compare can now load projects with source-controlled databases saved by SQL Compare correctly
Connection details now preserved when launching SQL Data Compare from SQL Compare
Fixed some KeyNotFoundExceptions caused by UI state getting out of sync

SDC-1392: /force option now works with /makescripts option on command line
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