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Restore of DB with Full Text Catalogs

dabroughdabrough Posts: 2 Bronze 1
edited June 5, 2013 2:55AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Had a situation where I had to restore a DB to another server that contained a number of Full Text Catalogs. These show up in the file structure as additional files with data, looks like no problem.

The problem was that SQL Backup generated the script for the restore with incorrect file names for the Catalogs only. All of the normal data and log files were created correctly, the name for the object was correct, the only problem was the file name.

This primarily caused a problem when the generated file name matched another file name for a secondary data file. The restore then failed, which is I guess good. Once found the problem and cleaned up the file names, the restore worked fine.

Anyone else come across this issue?


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    Thanks for your response in this matter.

    Are you able to send me the following info via the associated support call:

    1) Run the restore filelistonly command for the associated backup file and the output?
    2) The restore command and the associated output?

    Also let me know how have you generated the restore command when you have executed this in the past? via the GUI or you have been running the TSQL via SSMS?

    Thanks for your response in this regards.
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