SQLDataCompare - EXCLUDE Column In XML File

lc6529lc6529 Posts: 30
So in my last episode, I was setting up a DATACOMPARISON using an XML file.

Table 1 is to be compared to Table 2. Table 1 has jobs run against it which delete data from the table. The comparison of table 1 to table 2 is to only allow rows to be added or modified, NOT deleted.

All is going well until I setup up MERGE replication from Table 2 to go out to separate servers in other countries.

Now when I compare Table 1 to Table 2, I get "Updating columns with the rowguidcol is not allowed"

I mistakenly thought SQLDataCompare ignored rowguid (bad info from a co-worker). Is it possible to EXCLUDE the rowguid setup by Microsoft SQL from my comparison?
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