There is already a copy of SQL Backup running on this comput

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How to get rid of this annoying popup 'There is already a copy of SQL Backup running on this computer' preventing me from starting the GUI?

I have tried deinstall/install but nothing seems to help.

Running Red gate ( on Windows 2008 server R2 (x64).


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    Most likely there's a stuck instance of the GUI running in the background.

    If you go into Task Manager, then the Processes tab, look for "RedGate.SQLBackup.UI.exe". If there's one there, try killing the process with the "End Task" button.
    Once it's gone, you should be able to start up the GUI.

    If the problem persists after doing that, then your local cache files may be corrupt, so repeat the above to kill any existing processes, then go into "c:\users\<your username>\appdata" and then delete the files in:

    local\red gate\sql backup
    roaming\red gate\sql backup

    When you next start the GUI it should be ok, but you may need to re-add your servers to the list.
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  • No other GUI is running. Removing the cache didn't help. If I completely remove SQL Backup (including removing all registry settings) and reinstall SQL backup, the GUI starts up fine.

    But when I'm changing the server cache location to a different directory (e.g. E:\SQL Server\Red Gate) the problems start again ... Simply removing the registry setting where the cache location is stored solves the problem. But that's not what I want.

    The strange thing is that all my other servers work correctly. But those have been recently upgraded from version 6 (where the server cache was already set to a different location prior to upgading).
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    Ah- ok, I didn't realise you were doing that.

    I can reproduce the problem if I set "deny" permissions on the folder I point the activity cache to, so my guess is you're seeing something permissions related. Either you don't have Full Control to the folder, or it's in a location that requires elevation to bypass UAC (such as in the root of C:\ or in Program Files). If you run SQL Backup by right-clicking and picking "Run as Adminitstrator", does it work OK?
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  • As far as I have seen directory permissions are ok (and the same as on any other server).

    When using run as administrator the GUI does start up ...
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    If it works ok when run as administrator, it's almost certainly permissions. Where is the folder you're pointing to?
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