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I seem to be having an issue with my perfmon and getting the SQL Monitor to connect to the data.

I have previously looked at an older post saying this is an issue between 32bit and 64bit OS/SQL. I can confirm that I am on both 64bit OS and 64bit SQL and still have the issue.

I get the following in the log:

Perfmon data is missing objects: SQLServer:Access Methods, SQLServer:Buffer Manager, SQLServer:Databases, SQLServer:General Statistics, SQLServer:Latches, SQLServer:Locks, SQLServer:Memory Manager, SQLServer:SQL Statistics. Possible causes include performance counter library corruption, or a 32-bit/64-bit mismatch between Windows and the performance counter provider (e.g. SQL Server).

I can confirm that these objects do exist as I can select them from the performance monitor from within Task Manager and can view the data myself.

Can some light be shed please.




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    Please consider this resolved.

    We had to perform a reboot of the server this evening after some work was carried out with our bespoke software solution and this resolved the perfmon issues.

    Many Thanks
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