Problem profiling WCF Service on IIS

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I have a problem when I try to profile my WCF Service hosted on IIS.
I tried what is describe on the following page : ... plications

The profiler doesn't profile anything and, after some time, I get the following error : "Failed to connect to target process because an exception occured : Could not start IIS
Caused by:
Timed out waiting for port 8013 on to become available".

I don't understand why as this port is not used by any other applications. I tried with other ports with no more success. Everytime, IIS was already started before launching the profiling session.

I used to be able to profile this service with ANTS Performance v7 without any trouble.

Is there any changes since the v7 on that part ?


  • profiling in IIS is a little bit of a minefield. I usually recommend bypassing the issue and trying another technique - such as 'attach to process'.

    Is this process >= .net 4?
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    If this is still an issue could you please try the following:

    1. Profile the application with version 7 of the Profiler and feedback to us if this works still or not. If not how does it fail. If it works what minor version are you using please.

    If you no longer have it installed you will first need to uninstall v8 (after which you can install v8 side-by-side with v7).

    2. If you are able to, please send me a copy of your IIS applicationHost.config - using the email button for my forum profile.

    If you no longer have an installer for APP7 you can get one here:

    Thank you.
    Dene Boulton
    Red Gate
  • 'Attach to process' worked but I wanted line-by-line profiling that is not working with this mode.

    I will try with v7 soon (doesn't have time to test it for now).
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