You can't exclude schemas by schema name

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In my development database I want to exclude the tSQLt schema and all objects in the schema.

I have configured the filter rules dialog to look like this:


In the diff viewer it looks like this:
-- All Objects

   Exclude where (@SCHEMA = 'tSQLt')

In English:
"For all object types, exclude if the schema name equals tSQLt."

I would expect this rule to exclude all the objects in the tSQLt schema and the tSQLt schema itself.

In the Commit Changes dialog, I can't see the objects in the tSQLt schema, but I can still see the tSQLt schema itself.

The dialog looks like this:


The tSQLt schema is highlighted in red. I have redacted my business objects with black.

This feels like a bug. Is it supposed to behave like this?

I can work around the issue by also excluding schemas whose name equals 'tSQLt'.

By the way, SQL Compare has an option to ignore "tSQLt framework and tests". I think a similar option would be useful in SQL Source Control.

My SQL Source Control version is
Iain Elder, Skyscanner
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