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hi guys

I am a new one in Deployment Manager. Quick question - we have Staging environment, from where we're doing the deployments. We are not doing compiling, building and etc. before deploying to PROD. All those things are deployed to Staging and tested. I want to configure the Deployment Manager Steps to copy from Staging to PROD and change the Web.PROD.config.transformed file into Web.config. Is there any tutorial how to do it?
Thanks in advance for your answer.


  • Nobody knows?
    Is there any way to specify the deployment step as PowerShell script?
  • Hi

    Deployment Manager works with NuGet packages. NuGet package(s) for the project are added as steps and you deploy the same package(s) to different environments. So you can use Deployment Manager to deploy to Staging environment and once you are happy you can deploy that release to production from Deployment Manager.

    To get different behaviour for different environments, there are variables in Deployment Manager and as you mentioned there are transformation files. May I ask, why do you need to rename production transformation file to Web.config? Deployment Manager will apply transformations from Web.production.config to change your Web.config.

    We have some documentation about XML config transformations: ... tion+files

    There is also an option to run powershell scripts during deployments: ... ll+scripts

    Let me know if you have further issues.


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