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Morning All,

Have put this to Redgate Support but have heard nothing back as of Friday afternoon and see no harm in seeking alternative advice.

We have purchased the DBA Bundle because we are using the SQL Prompt and Backup Pro and for the money it was well worth the punt.

I used SQL Monitor previously at another business and was impressed with it that I have attempted to set it up in-house here.

I didn't have a problem previously although this time around I seem to be getting a problem with the Base Monitor when starting SQL Monitor.

All my credentials are correct at the service has started successfully however I am getting this error everytime I access the webpage:


I have tried re-installation and I have also deleted the *.pfx file to no effect.

Anybody else have any other suggestions?




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    Did you ever receive a response? If so, can you tell us the solution? I'm in the same boat.
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    Was the cure enabling ASP.NET Impersonation?

    I did so and now I get a new error (new/different is always progress)

    •/SqlMonitor/Configuration/Base-Monitor/AjaxSetConfiguration: 200 OK
    SyntaxError: Invalid character
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