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Oh Boy problems

jf3000jf3000 Posts: 22
edited May 17, 2013 4:34PM in SmartAssembly
So I had one project successfully built by the assembly.

I made another project and I followed all the steps like the last project and now I am getting errors about a key not located.

The instructions on the site after having some help the first time around are not exactly clear and need to be rewritten and not wrote by a rocket scientist either.

So with this project I can build and publish no worries there, I add the code for SA and BAM!!!

Error	1	Cannot publish because a project failed to build.		1	1	TD2014

2	Referenced assembly 'obj\Release\TD2014.exe' targets a different processor than the application.	TD2014

3	Unable to remove directory "bin\Release\app.publish\". The process cannot access the file 'c:\Projects\TD2014\TD2014\bin\Release\app.publish\' because it is being used by another process.	TD2014

What the heck does this mean

I opted to not create a key yet its looking for a key, drives me mad this does.

Where is that nice person that help me the first time around, you're a gem.


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