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Restoring to a different SQL Server

maddavemaddave Posts: 28
edited May 14, 2013 10:41AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Everything I read seems to say this is possible through the GUI, but I cannot see the option to do it.
I am trying to restore a database taken on ServerA, via SQL Backup, to ServerB using SQL Backup Gui. Lets say to allow a test server to be created.

ServerA is taking regular daily backups created using the GUI Tool.
I have added ServerB to the GUI and installed the server components and licensed it.
I right click on ServerB, select restore. I then select "browse for backup files to restore" and select ServerA as the backup to restore.
I then click on Add files and browse to my central backup store and select the last full backup for ServerA.
I then click Next, but shown a screen "step 2 of 4", which shows the Destination Database is set to ServerA - the original SQL Server and I cannot change this. I only have the options to overwrite the existing database or create a new one. I tested this and created a new one and it does indeed write the backup to the original server.

This article http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/c ... 0710000174
explains this process as I have, but no where does it say you can restore the database to a different sql server, despite it's title!

Any help would be great.


I've just realised my mistake with this and now have it working. It's not clear on the screens, but the first screen, I should leave set at Server B, and then simply add files from ServerA. On the "step 1 of 4" it says "Backups to restore SQL Server:..." And this drop down should be set to the destination SQL Server, not as it implies, the source SQL Server. I have this working now.
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