Does SQL Doc 2 have any extended cli switches?

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Is SQL Doc bound to a project? Are you able to use switches with SQL Doc like you can with SQL compare? Scenario I'm interested in is the ability to check / un-check batches of objects dynamically through switches (i.e. to exclude a specific schema). Say I wanted to exclude all procs on the "import" schema, I'd need to open the project, untick all the procs, then re-save and re-run.

Related to that, the behaviour (which I've read on a forum post, not tested admittedly...see here) whereby newly created objects would be added to the project automatically is not the behaviour I'd want if I can't specify which schemas I want to include? Suppose I exclude everything on a schema called "build" so as not to expose it to the end user, if a new object is added does that mean it gets included?


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    Currently, I think you're stuck with the options given. When you run

    SQLDoc.exe /? /v

    The output is generated directly from the executable based on the arguments it would accept internally (i.e. it's not some text we're squirting out and there are extra secret options)

    We already have a similar request logged (ref. SDOC-1428) so I will add a link back to this forum post to that request as a "+1".
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    ref. SDOC-1428

    Thanks for confirmation James, where would I find this?
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    Our bugtracker isn't externally facing I'm afraid so there's no way for you to easily track this yourself. Feel free to enquire directly with us if you do want an update though.
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