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Is my .net app secure?

jf3000jf3000 Posts: 22
edited May 17, 2013 10:53AM in SmartAssembly
With so many options inside SA how can we be sure that after signing it that its secure and if someone does take a debug tool too it how can I be safe knowing the information inside is secure?

Sure I can open the reflector and it says:
[assembly: PoweredBy("Powered by SmartAssembly")]

But is my app still secure?

Thank you


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    What we can say is- we have unique techniques for ensuring the security of your assemblies as used by thousands of professional developers all over the world.

    I must also say that we can't *guarantee* that the protections we provide are infallible as obfuscation is a technique only for making it *harder* to reverse-engineer- not impossible.

    But, there's (almost) no such thing as perfect security anyway- we offer an excellent compromise between usability and security that we'd encourage you to try for yourself.

    One last thing, I certainly use it! :)
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    What are some of the other companies that use this software?
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    I can only refer to testimonials we've been given permission to publish. Please take a look at:

    http://www.red-gate.com/our-company/abo ... stimonials
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