Connecting sql source control with SSDT / db project

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Hopefully just a quickie...

We use sql source control to check in & getlatest, and wish to continue doing so.

I want to use SSDT / Sql Server Database project in order to create a dacpac that defines the latest schema.

Where is the link in a sql server database project so that a check-in via source control would ripple through to the database project after a getlatest (and therefore the dacpac upon a recompile)?


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    I can see my colleague David is helping you out here - if you're ever in need of direct assistance with our tools, feel free to email [email protected] - the forums are more intended for user-user discussions, and although we do try to keep an eye on the posts here you'll generally get a quicker response asking directly.
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  • Yep, thanks James. I originally posted here and msdn. Here because it's where i think I *should* ask, and msdn as answers seem to be quicker to appear.
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