Is it possible to filter on sys.object.modify_date?

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Our development database has diverged from production. So I would like to take a copy of the production schema and update it with only the changes that have been made to the development database since the beginning of a project or since the last release to production.

I have a query to identify the changes in the development database and now I would like to use it as a filter in SQL Compare instead of selecting the changed objects manually.


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    Thanks for your post- this is a nice idea, but unfortunately there's no way to currently achieve this with SQL Compare.

    If you can run the query yourself to get the objects you could probably work out a way to output these into a list in the correct format for our command line to use, with the "Include" switch (see here for an example) but unless you have thousands of objects it's likely to be quicker just to manually select them.
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