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Set transaction isolation level in CLI

JJB7JJB7 Posts: 17 Bronze 1
edited May 7, 2013 12:18PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there, in the GUI, there is a setting to change the isolation level from SERIALIZABLE. We have multiple procs in our data warehouses that use linked servers and SQL does not allow the creation of these procs using SERIALIZABLE.

There are two ways to fix this - either by ticking the "do not use transactions in deployment scripts" or by setting another isolation level in the Application Options. The problem with the former, is I don't necessarily want to deploy without transactions in case there are issues during deployment which would result in a corrupt database.

From the CLI, there only appears to be the ability to switch off transactions with the NoTransactions switch documented here. Is there a way to change the transaction isolation level either directly using the CLI or via a project?



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