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I have a question about SQL Source Control. We are using your source control product with TFS. There are four people that are developing on our various databases. We are slowly adding databases to source control. Is there any way that I can automatically see what databases other devs have already added to version control?

If dev one adds AdventureWorks database to source control, there seems to be nothing stopping the other three devs from continuing to make changes outside of version control. Is this correct? I thought that adding a database to source control would keep others from being able to make changes without going through committing the changes.


  • Unfortunately, SQL Source Control does not put any kind of lock on the repository to stop users from making changes from outside of the tool. As access is determined by users permissions (which is independent of the tool), I cannot see how this could happen using the current model.

    However, I would recommend that you post on the SQL Source Control UserVoice Forum. The development team use this to gather feature ideas and to gauge user interest in them. Please include a brief description of why this would be useful. ... ce-control
  • @WEdmonds.

    SQL Source Control adopts the Edit-Merge-Commit source control doctrine. This is described in more detail here:

    This is increasingly popular as a methodology as it doesn't prevent developers from commencing work. The newer DVCS source control systems like GIT and Mercurial are very much based on this philosophy.

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