Publishing to NuGet Package Feed with RgPublish

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I'm having difficulty getting the RgPublish tool to actualy publish a package to a local NuGet Package Feed server.

It validates and writes the package just fine, but whenever it attempts to publish to the package feed it just returns an error:

The package feed at 'http://packagefeed.bluestonesolutions.local/' was not found. (The server responded with: [1] Not Found)

The URL is correct, and if I use the NuGet GUI to manually create the package and post it to the feed folder, Deployment Manager will find and deploy it just fine. The same location is used in the Depoyment Manager.

The feed server is a standard app, downloaded directly from NuGet site, compiled, and deployed. It does, however, use a custom package path.


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    I think you need to add "/api/v2/package" to the end of your package feed URL.

    http://packagefeed.bluestonesolutions.local/ is the root url of the nuget server - the actual 'service endpoint' is probably at http://packagefeed.bluestonesolutions.l ... v2/package.

    Further info...
    NuGet.exe recognizes root urls and automatically appends "/api/v2/package" to the end and tries that. So, that is why nuget.exe is still working.

    With rgpublish we took the decision not to automatically append the default service endpoint path to any root url specified because we can't always know that the path actually exists (it's not "/api/v2/package" on all Nuget feeds - like the embedded feed in Deployment Manager itself).

    The future
    In the next month, we plan to add to the rgpublish commandline so you don't need to specify the root or path of the nuget feed at all. Instead, you'll simply be able to specify the name of the feed (that you have specified in DM) and rgpublish will contact your DM server to retrieve the feed's location and any API key.

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