DateTimeOffset support not working[email protected] Posts: 18 Bronze 2
I have 2 databases with several tables that contain datetimeoffset fields. I have emptied one of the databases so that sdc10 will basically be doing a move from one db to the other and the script created by sdc10 fails on a datetime conversion error. I find it hard to believe that I'm the first person to run into this!

Here is a sample import row below. The fields CreatedDateTime and ModifiedDateTime are both datetimeoffset(7) fields.

INSERT INTO [dbo].[BuildLabels] ([RowID], [ParentRowID], [BuildLabel], [Comments], [SystemLabel], [OwnerID], [CreatedDateTime], [CreatedBy], [ModifiedDateTime], [ModifiedBy], [Active], [rowguid], [LabelState]) VALUES (1, NULL, N'root', N'main root label', 1, N'administrator', '2012-11-12 16:59:01.1745892 +05:30', N'donaldb', '2012-11-12 16:59:01.1745892 +05:30', N'donaldb', 1, '5f2cc758-d832-e211-ad6c-d067e5e5d59c', NULL)

The exact error in a messagebox titled "SQL Data Compare" is "Error occurred execution synchronization. Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string."



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