Fragmented indexes

Lee MellorLee Mellor Posts: 14

is there a particular event or time that could trigger a fragmented index alert? i have an index that triggered an alert at what would appear to be a pretty random time. there were no dbcc checks or show contigs going on. also shouldnt the alert become inactive if the condition no longer applies (ie, the index has been rebuilt)




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    Hi Lee,

    SQL Monitor checks for fragmented index at Sunday 01:00 hrs (local time of machine on which you have installed Base Monitor). This is only checked once a week because this is a very expensive operation on Monitored entity.

    Yes, the alert will be ended when the check runs next time i.e. on Sunday.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    Hi Priya,

    Thanks for the reponse. explains everything :-)


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    Ahh... Thanks for this bit of information.. I did wonder why, after I had manually resolved some alerts for fragmentation on some of my MSDB that even a few days later the alert had not ended.

    Agree with the once a week scanning on this due to the relative expensiveness of running the query to get these results.
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