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configure restore retry

rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
edited April 26, 2013 12:23PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
SQL Backup has already a out of the box retry feature on restoring a database. Apparently is configured to retry 10 times every 30 seconds.

Could I configure somewhere these values for restoring a database? I know for backup it is already possible via the GUI and command line. Do I have the same possibility for the restore command?


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    Unfortunately the tool does not currently have this capability
    You can request features for this product in our uservoice forums
    https://sqlbackup.uservoice.com/forums/ ... ql-backup-
    These forums are actively monitored by our development team and allow our users to request features and vote on them.
    If a feature receives a significant amount of votes or is deemed to have merit development may include the feature in a future release.
    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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