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Restore Append instead of Restore Replace?

noob2013noob2013 Posts: 25
edited April 21, 2013 6:49AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Using SQLBackup
I'm trying to restore some archived data (2012) to the current production database. Running through the GUI and it seems like the only options are Overwrite Existing Database or Create New Database

Is there a capability within SQLBackup to restore append to the current prod db like in Oracle's imp/exp utility?


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    Once a SQL Server database is online then there is no option to append additional data changes from a backup to that 'online' database.

    Having said that there is one way you could try to apply more changes to that database. To do this you will have to take this database offline by changing its state to 'norecovery' (using restore database with 'norecovery' option). After this you can apply further backups to this same database. Now the backups that 'could' be applied will need to have the correct LSN sequence (so if the next backup was was a FULL then that will need to be applied, if it was a DIFF then that will need to be applied etc).

    I hope this helps in your situation.
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