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Merging DLL's question

jf3000jf3000 Posts: 22
edited April 17, 2013 10:23AM in SmartAssembly
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My question or more so a issue.

In an environment where one machine runs Windows XP and has access to the internet but is restricted due to a work enviroment and runs .NET 3.5

Whilst the other runs Windows 7 and runs .NET 4.5 and still restricted.

Running or adding the .NET to the setup is not available since running any updates is restricted, I found myself not being able to update the client through the internet due to restrictions on a certain port blocked.

The Issue:

When I go to deploy the application I have to create 2 builds, one for the Windows 7 and the other for XP. Is there a way for me to deploy these so I dont have to go back and forth. If Windows 7 has 4.5 surely it would just run the .NET 3.5 application, is there an easier method to this madness of mine?

I find myself wondering if its possible to merge what I require from above or something, I guess I dont even know what I am asking, more so can someone explain.

Thank you.


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    If your assembly targets .NET 3.5, then it should run successfully on windows 7 with .NET 3.5 and 4.5 installed (.NET 3.5 is installed by default on windows 7). SA will maintain the target framework version of the main assembly.
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