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using ssms 10.5 i have noticed that if i click on SQLtest that it use 30 percent of my desktop cpus regardless if anything is running

I like to use different ssms for different projects so as you can see it flatlines my desktop quickly. I has also notice that if i turn off SQL test this doesnt fix the problem you have to get out of SSMS and back in


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    Thanks for your post
    This isn't something we're aware of that I know of- does it happen irrespective of which SQL instance you're connected to?

    Does it occur simply by pressing the SQL Test button so the window appears (i.e. you've not added any tests to any databases yet) or is it when you run the tests themselves?
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    Just by pressing the SQL test the window opens the utilization goes up
    You exit the window or press the button to turn SQL test off the utilization hits 30 percent and stays there until I exit SSMS. No test is running just sits there spinng cpu's
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    James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    Pretty unusual then. Do you have any other (non Red Gate) SSMS add-ins installed?

    One option may be to try downloading a trial of our ANTS Performance Profiler, and profiling SSMS. This might show whereabouts in the execution excessive CPU is occurring.
    If that works, you can save the results, zip them, and mail them to support@red-gate.com quoting F0071759 in the subject line.
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