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Hi there

I am currently in the process of setting up and using SQL monitor, but I have an issue where Monitoring has been stopped because of an authentication issue.

This happens when our group policy runs and strips out local admins and readds them.

Is there anyway to get SQL monitor to retry the connection rather than just pause monitoring if it can't authenticate?


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    It is possible to get SQL Monitor to retry the connection when there is an authentication error. But this should be used carefully. If there is a different issue with the user account and this setting is enabled, then SQL Monitor will keep retrying until you stop it, or it locks the password (which can obviously cause problems anywhere else that the account is used).

    The configuration change is described here:
    https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... ng+stopped
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    I have changed the config file to retry the connection, like so:

    <repositorySettings slaveMode="false">
    <!-- valid databaseEngines: "Mssql"-->
    <dataStore databaseEngine="Mssql" autoUpgrade="true">
    <!-- valid versions: "Auto", "SQL2005", "SQL2008" -->
    <mssql version="Auto" connectionStringName="DataConnectionString"/>
    <collectionSettings maxTraceFileAge="00:15:00" maxTraceFileDiskUsage="1024" reconnectAfterAuthorizationError="true">
    <!-- Four schedules are available:
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