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SQL Prompt craches SSMS 2012

izvictorizvictor Posts: 3
edited March 27, 2013 1:10PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have recently installed SQL Prompt 5.3.6 on my windows 7 x64 French machine.
And now I SSMS 2012 crashes when starting with the following error message in the event viewer:

#1:Failed to acquire mutex - IPNService quitting
System.Security.Principal.IdentityNotMappedException: Impossible de traduire certaines ou toutes les références d'identité.
à System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Ipc.IpcServerChannel.StartListening(Object data)
à System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Ipc.IpcServerChannel..ctor(IDictionary properties, IServerChannelSinkProvider sinkProvider, CommonSecurityDescriptor securityDescriptor)
à ..()
à ...ctor(Timer )
à ...ctor()
à ..()
à RedGate.IPNShared.CommonUtils.DoWithMutex(MutexType mutexType, TimeSpan delay, Action action)
à RedGate.IPNShared.CommonUtils.DoWithMutex(MutexType mutexType, Action action)
à ..()

It may be because I have installed SQL Prompt on a french OS ?
Could you please help?

Thanks for help


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    It appears the crash is being caused by the IPN service

    The In-Product Notifications (IPN) is our mechanism for informing users that their support contracts are expiring. It just gives you the pop-up as and when your contract is expiring.

    You can safely completely disable IPN by adding the following registry key:

    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Red Gate\IPN\Ignored
    containing a string called "Ignore All", with its value set to "True". This will cause IPN Service to terminate immediately on launch.

    This won't affect the functioning of any products.
    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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    Thanks for help.
    It worked.

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