Application was stopped if i run it from redgate

hyanghyang Posts: 10
I got a problem with start application by using redgate performance profiler.

The application self works without problem

but when i start it from redgate, it always says ".... has stopped working"

I noticed that. the exception comes from line of

JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(value, type, (JsonSerializerSettings)null);

The exception is:
{"Operation could destabilize the runtime."} System.Exception {System.Security.VerificationException}

I rechecked it, it works without any problem if I didn't run redgate.
any idea why redgate will stop applicaiton for this line? and what's solution for it? thanks a lot


  • James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    Thanks for your post.

    We've seen this previously- it's due to some tighter security that's incompatible with line level timings.

    You can get around it by changing some of the Json source:

    - find JsonWriter.cs
    - comment out "[assembly:System.Security.SecurityTransparent]"
    - expand the "properties" folder
    - comment out "[assembly:AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers]" in the #if !SILVERLIGHT region
    - rebuild your solution

    With those changes, it should hopefully work. You can uncomment the lines again when you release your app if you wish.
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