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Does Data Compare support command line calls?

jjscottjjscott Posts: 2
edited March 21, 2013 7:29AM in MySQL Data Compare
I have real-time database replication enabled between two MySQL v5.5.29 databases and I need an automated method to determine if the db's are in sync. I would implement a nightly or weekly process to call the utility to verify success or failure.

Can I call the dbcompare utility from a script and parse a return code for success or failure? This would be the same as calling the native MySQL utility mysqldbcompare.exe. While I've used the latter, it's just too slow for pratical use.



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    You can call MySQL Data Compare from the command line, by running MDC.exe from the installation directory. You can get the documentation by running:

    MDC /? /v

    Whilst there isn't a success/failure output (I've added your support to our feature request MSDC-27), others have used the tool to generate the deployment script for the differences and saved that to a folder each time (success would be an empty script).

    We'd be interested how you find the tool.
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