SQL Compare 10.3 has been released

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Announcing SQL Compare 10.3, available via Check for Updates or download from the link below:

http://downloads.red-gate.com/checkforu ... .8.406.exe

Visual Studio database project support
This release adds initial support for Visual Studio database projects, as either the source or the target of comparisons and deployments. To try this, use Source Control -> Scripts Folder and navigate to the folder containing the .sqlproj file.

Stability improvements
SQL Compare 10.3 also includes fixes for some issues:
  • Statistics with multiple columns now no longer cause problems in script folders
  • Permissions for search property lists and sequences are now correctly written to scripts folders
  • SOC-4253 / SC-6194 - parsing of OFFSET clause in script folders improved
  • SDC-1540 - parsing of varchar(max) columns from script folders with a primary key of type 'real' fixed
  • Parsing of CONTAINSTABLE with extra parens now fixed
Project compatibility changes
Please be warned that projects saved by SQL Compare 10.3 will not be readable by SQL Compare 10.2 and earlier, due to a change in the file format.
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