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I'm using SQL Response 1.3. I use it to troubleshoot the deadlock, it help me alot.
I've tried SQL monitor, it's a powerful tool to monitor SQL performance. However, compare with SQL Response, it provide less information about trace record. For exampe, SQL response can capture the statement between BEGIN TRAN and COMMIT/ ROLLBACK", but SQL monitor always miss it. Moreover, error message such as "1205" will be indicated as red color in SQL response, but not in SQL monitor.
It seem that SQL monitor is focus on SQL performance but not on trace data .

I really want to upgrade to SQL Monitor 3.0, the performance analysis is great that SQL response can't provide it. Will SQL monitor focus on trace data in future version, or I can obtain this feature from other Redgate product?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for your message.

    As far as I am aware the implementation of trace is very similar between SQL Response 1.3 and SQL Monitor 3. Unfortunately, we have not looked at the code for SQL Response 1.3 for few years now so we wont be able to tell you the exact differences. But there is much more functionality in SQL Monitor V 3 than in SQL Response 1.3.

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    You should be getting at least the same amount of information - SQL Monitor turns on a trace flag that prints deadlock information to the SQL Server ERRORLOG and we get that information. I did a simple test and it showed me this:
    Deadlocked processes:
    Victim process:
    Object blocked:
    Deadlocked processes
    Lock details
    Statement type
    dbid: 2, file id: 1, page no.: 1027, row no.: 2 
    UPDATE Line #: 10
    Victim process
    dbid: 2, file id: 1, page no.: 1029, row no.: 2 
    UPDATE Line #: 10
    SQL query fragment:
    Language Event: --QA window £1
    UPDATE ##temp1 SET col1 = 4 WHERE col1 = 3
     WAITFOR DELAY '0:0:05'
    --this proc is holding lock on ##temp1
    If you do not get the query fragment, you may be using an unsupported version of SQL Server or possibly there is a problem with the connection to the SQL Server from the base monitor.
  • We're using SQL 2000, is that a reason why information is missing?
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