How to sync different-sized data with part of it inserted?

winsteinwinstein Posts: 2
To Redgate,

Currently, I am facing a problem of not being able to synchronise any data if their fields have a different capacity. If I have a field with nvarchar(24) as a Source and nvarchar(14) as a Target, then I could synchronise any data with 14 characters or less. However, if I were to have data with 15+ characters, then the whole process will be cancelled.

Is there any way to synchronise it so that part of the data field will be shown (so, something like "12334567890123456" becomes "12345678901234"). If that's not possible, is it possible to at least have part of the data where it's eligible, without resorting to selecting the individual fields in the compare section?

Thanks for reading.
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