Automating a Deployment

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The DM video shows Team City initiating a deployment to the development environment with no user intervention. How do I go about configuring an automated deployment from a CI build?



  • There is an accompanying command line tool, DeploymentManager.exe, which you can find in the directory you installed Deployment Manager.

    This uses the REST api to execute commands on the on the Deployment Manager server.

    To use it with your build server, copy the executable (and the file Microsoft.CompilerServices.AsyncTargetingPack.Net4.dll if your build server does not have the .Net 4.5 runtime installed) to somewhere your build server can see it, and ask the build process to execute the correct command line operation.

    Examples of how to use the command line tool are here: ... l_examples

    And the full documentation of commands is here: ... _cl_syntax

    Hope this helps, if there's anything else I can help with, please get in touch!
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