Change SPROC not detected as an uncommitted Change

flyer299flyer299 Posts: 8
From time to time, I refresh my Development Database from a backup from live. This is pretty normal procedure. But I think the problem I am having has something to do with that.

When I refresh the Database, I normally unlink my DB from SQL Source and relink it, because it clear's SQL Sources Memory. So I did that this time.. (More than once now!)

I modified a PROC after the refresh. The changes will not show up on the Committ tab! No matter what I do!


  • Just to clarify, the steps that you are following are:

    - unlink dev database from repository
    - restore prod database backup
    - relink new dev database to repository
    - change sproc and attempt to commit change

    Before you make any changes are you checking whether you are on the head revision using 'Get Latest'? Is the tool picking up the revision number allowing 'Get Latest' to work? When you complete the change is the little blue blob appearing in SSMS before you go to 'Commit'?
  • Close...
    - Restore Prod DB
    - Unlink from SQL Source
    - Link from SQL Source
    - Change Sproc
    - Attempt to Commit Changes

    Before I make a change, I check "Get Latest" and I am all up to date.

    I do not recall seeing the blue blob. But I stopped paying attention to those long ago.
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