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can't exclude identical objects?!

vincentjvincentj Posts: 47
Why does SQL Compare now include identical objects by default? I'm generating HTML reports that show the differences between Subversion and the production database, and since I upgraded to 10.3 they're showing all the identical objects which makes the reports take forever to load and take up tons of disk space.

I am using a filter but apparently I can't simply add /exclude:identical if I'm using a filter (which would be great). So I spent a couple hours converting all of our filter rules to a complex set of /include and /exclude rules. Now I have a command line which is 2800 characters long (basically unmaintainable) and the identical object still aren't being excluded. Not to mention that I can no longer share my filters between the command line and GUI tools.

Thinking I had some error due to the immense complexity of the command, I simplified my command to just /exclude:identical and /exclude:additional. And it's still showing the identical objects. There seems to be no way to exclude them.

This change is a huge problem for us and I don't have time to try to develop a workaround, can you please revert back to the previous behavior?

And in the meantime, please provide me with a link to the version with the old behavior (10.1?) so I can install that. Thanks.

EDIT: It seems that the IgnoreIdentitySeedAndIncrement is broken as well, it's still showing as a difference in my reports.


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