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Beta 3 released

edited February 25, 2013 12:21PM in Source Control for Oracle
Source Control for Oracle Beta 3

Get this release from in the tool (Help -> Check for Updates) or from our website by joining the beta program:


- Set up a source control project to link an Oracle schema to a Subversion or Team Foundation Server source control system
- Check in database changes to source control
- Get latest databases changes from source control
- View history
- Select which version of an object to use when resolving conflicts
- Add multiple schemas to source control projects
- Multiple folders shown on Source Control Projects page*
- Improved conflict resolution*
- Notifications of new changes on the taskbar*
- Quick access to changes through taskbar Jump List*
- Improved handling of dependencies*

*New for this release.

Known issues:
- Changing Oracle user passwords causes mayhem. If you hit this crash (sorry!) you'll need to delete this folder before being able to use the tool again: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Red Gate\Source Control for Oracle 1
- We currently recommend using the schema name for a folder, but don't pre-populate it

Features for future beta releases:
- Bug fixes!

Useful links:
- join the beta program
- getting started guide
- feature request forum

For any questions or bug reports please use this forum or email us on oracle@red-gate.com
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