LinqBridge.dll breaks ASP.NET MVC Razor Views

geetar85geetar85 Posts: 4
LinqBridge breaks razor views in ASP.NET MVC when trying to use the System.Linq namespace. When targeting .NET 4.0 why are we required to have LinqBridge when using Red-gate? The only way to fix this issue is to remove the LinqBridge dll, but then the RedGate SDK fails miserably.

Are there any workarounds for this and why is Red-gate using a tool that is meant for targeting .NET 2.0?


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    Anu DAnu D Posts: 876 Silver 3
    Many thanks for your post geetar85.

    Redgate products uses some LINQ technology, which is not present in .NET 2.0. But as you mentioned in your post you have framework 4.0 so you can do by not having that dll.

    You need to make sure that the target framework for your project is Framework 4.0.

    Let me know that doing this change solves the issue you are having?
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    Hi Anu,

    When I removed the DLL, the razor views worked fine, but any calls to my redgate SDK code failed saying the system could not find the file specified LinqBridge.dll. I am targeting .NET 4.5 in all of my projects.
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    In case anyone else is reading this, here is the response from RedGate:
    Apologies for that I had a look at the code today and looks like SDK has refernce to linqbridge.dll with in the code.

    And hence looks like it won't be able to work without LinqBridge.dll.

    Sorry about that I can add this as a feature request in our internal tracking system.

    -- I've asked for an ETA on the fix.
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    LinqBridge.dll should no longer be needed in the next release of SQL Comparison SDK, but I can't provide a firm timescale for that release yet. My best guess is that it might be out in early July.
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