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How can i migrate DM and it's settings to another server? I have the backups, but have not seen any documentation on this topic. It would be great if it were in the UI as well.(unless it is and I missed it)
any help appreciated.


  • Thanks for your post.

    I don't believe there's currently any supported way to migrate everything from one server to another. Most of the settings will be stored in the database under c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\DeploymentManager.

    You may find you can do a fresh install on the new server, then copy over the data file from the original server. I've not tried this, so I cannot guarantee it'll work though!
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  • The simplest thing to do is indeed to copy the entire data directory to the new machine. The default data storage directory is C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\DeploymentManager\Data. The only caveat is that you should make sure the Deployment Manager service is stopped on both the source and target machines before trying to copy the folder (the full name of the service is "Red Gate Deployment Manager").

    You can also put the data directory in place before installing Deployment Manager on the new machine, and then specify the path to the newly copied data directory in the appropriate step in the installer (it's the page titled "Database location").
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  • Thanks for the replies.
    I'll give it a shot.
  • Yup, worked like a charm.
    thanks all.
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