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Release notes management

fredendrixfredendrix Posts: 32
edited February 25, 2013 1:10PM in Deployment Manager
Hi there!

I'm searching a way to manage release notes while deploying specifics packages between environments. Is there some way to accomplish that with continuous integration processes?

We here use TeamCity and Subversion, for CI on dev environment, and DM for migrations. But what if I would also publish all modifications between two versions?

For exemple, in production, we have v.1.1.100. So we're ready to migrate to v.1.2.123. How could we track the changes between those two builds (100 to 123) and then publish a release notes file?

Any ideas or links or concepts?



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    Thanks for your post.
    There's no specific "release notes" feature within deployment manager; but depending on what specifically you're trying to achieve there may be a way around it.

    For instance differences in your databases could be listed by running SQL Compare and outputting the report (we offer an html report option) and maybe incorporating that into your packages somehow? Our SQL CI white paper lists an example of including a pre/post deployment report as a starting point: see here

    If you're talking about documenting other kind of changes then it depends- theoretically your packages can contain anything with the appropriate powershell commands to do what you require; but you'd need to work out how to implement whatever is needed for your exact requirements.
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