Unable to detect databases

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edited February 21, 2013 1:21PM in SQL Index Manager
I am trying to connect to a remote database, when I enter the server and authentication info in the database drop down it shows
<Unable to detect databases>
From the same client I have validated i can connect with OSQL and can retrieve the databases with EXEC sp_databases, and SELECT name FROM master..sysdatabases.

Mike R.


  • Some additional information, if run Index manager on the server and enter the same information I get "Error: Invalid object name 'master.sys.databases'."
    The servr I'm trying to diagnose is SQL 2000, I can't find anything statiing this product is not compatible with SQL 2000.
  • Hi Mike,

    I'm afraid that Index Manager doesn't support SQL 2000.

    Very sorry this information wasn't included and I'll update the product page to reflect this.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.


  • timpainetimpaine Posts: 1 New member
    The following part where the user will be able to manage the overall aspects which will be going to manage the formation for uprooting the database in terms of getting the proper solution through can't load xpcom which will manage the part perfectly.
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