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Backup stuck in KILLED/ROLLBACK

epetroepetro Posts: 69
edited February 19, 2013 12:56PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Do failed backups require rollback?
Are multiple instances of process "SQBCoreService.exe " normal?

One of our production servers was experiencing memory pressure which required intervention. The memory pressure was caused from SQL utilizing 31GB of 32GB when max memory was set to 28GB. (No other memory heavy programs/processes run from this box)

I stopped the sql agent service.
I stopped SQL Backup service. (redgate)
Multiple backups were hung for over 3 hours. 2 FULL backups and 2 LOG backups.
An attempt to kill the proccesses inside SQL resulted in a KILLED/ROLLBACK status for all 4 processes.

Further investigation found multiple instances of process "SQBCoreService.exe "

All other production servers (even during multiple backups) have only 1 instance of process "SQBCoreService.exe "

Do failed backups require rollback?
Are multiple instances of process "SQBCoreService.exe " normal?


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    I contacted support for this issue and we were unable to rectify the issue. I don't believe the underlying issue was caused by Redgate software. I will be reviewing the cause for the memory 'explosion'.

    We have scheduled an emergency server reboot this evening.

    I did learn that 1 process =SQBCoreService.exe is expected per SQL instance on the box. We only have a single instance, so 4 was abnormal, but no investigation was possible.

    Support also shared this ...unfortunately for my scenario it requires that SQL Backup Agent service be operational.
    Thanks for your call - to try and get the crash-log, do the following:
    USE master
    EXECUTE master..sqbutility 9997
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    Thanks for posting back the end result - and I'm glad you're up and running now!
    Systems Software Engineer

    Redgate Software

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