Log Rescue crashed 2 boxes

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I downloaded the demo version of Log Rescue today. I tried to install it on my SQL box and it said I needed some .NET file updates so I installed it locally instead. I read in one of the other support messages, the program builds the files it needs locally so I copied the transaction logs I wanted to look at to my local computer. I then ran Log Rescue, connected to my sql server (2000), removed all backup from the list and added the files I copied. When I said run, it ran the first pop up that said opening and hung on analyzing. Eventually, the program timed out so I shut it down. About 10 minutes later, our SQL box crashed with a memory error.

I fugured there may have been a space constraint so I made a shell copy of the database and put it on another server. This had no data just all the structures. Again, it hung on analyzing and 10 minutes later, crashed the box.

The log file in question was about 18meg.

Again, according to your support forum, you should be building the files locally. It has no reason to crash the remote box. There is no option to open the files without connecting to a database or I would do that. I downloaded the files today and checked for updates and it found none.

I'm going to look for another tool. If you have an explanation, I would love to hear it. My company uses the Red Gate Sql Backup and have been happy with it but this is unbelievable.


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    Apparently this could be some sort of problem with the extended stored procedure trying to obtain a file handle for the log file. Each time that an attempt is started to find the file handle, a thread is started to make sure that the attempt succeeds.

    If you could send me an email, I can reply with a patched version of the software that limits the number of threads and fails more gracefully if the log file could not be opened.

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